Starting up in life sciences

With the startup incubation program LifeTechLab scientists and students get the opportunity to turn their life-science discovery or business idea into a solid business model.

In addition to general challenges that every start-up faces, such as limited resources and many decisions, the field of life sciences requires unique market and income-cost considerations as well as a clear understanding of intellectual property (IP) rights and regulations. With LifeTechLab you will do first things first, avoid pitfalls and learn from experts, successful entrepreneurs and each other.

How does LifeTechLab work?

You will get expert input in workshops on protection of your IP, cooperation contracts, financial planning and pitching. Working intensively on specific challenges for your topic and regular one-on-one coaching will help you apply the newly gained knowledge directly to your business idea.

At the end, you will have a first business model and a pitch deck, ready for feedback from a panel of business people, life-science experts and startup founders.

LifeTechLab is a program which requires physical and continuous attendance for the workshops in Dresden.

Who can participate?

LifeTechLab is aimed at students, researchers and graduates from Dresden’s universities and research institutions (IFW, IPF & HZDR). Participants should want to implement a business idea from the life science or medical sector.


2 interactive months
6 teams
in-person workshops

Why should you join LifeTechLab?

Icon customer

Developing a product, platform or service that customers want is key to success.

LifeTechLab helps you understand the needs of your future customers.

Regulations, IP protection and specific income-models are complex for startups in life sciences.

LifeTechLab offers seminars by experts to lift the fog and provide guidance.

Icon toolbox

Staying focused on your journey to your startup is not easy.

LifeTechLab teaches the tools from agile and lean management to help you stay on track.

Icon networking

Getting connected and sharing experiences moves your idea forward.

LifeTechLab introduces you to successful founders, business people, lawyers, investors and many more.

What do former participants say?

Class 2/2023 (Foto: Sarah Haaß)

„LifeTechLab was a great way to pick up some really special skills in business model creation and technology transfer. We learned a great deal from a very knowledgeable specialist in the field.“

„Made the connection between our idea, our actual product, and the market much more clear to us than before. We understand our product better than we did before due to the training at LifeTechLab.“

participants of class 2/2023


Application Deadline:
September 30, 2024

October, 2024

Final Pitch Day:

Apply for the next round of LifeTechLab.

Send an application to
Please use our application form [PDF]

Our Team

Dr. Iris Steinebrunner
TU Dresden +49 351 463 39202
Iris studierte Biologie und promovierte im Fach Genetik. Nach Forschungsarbeiten in den USA leitete sie eine Arbeitsgruppe in der Molekularen Biotechnologie an der TU Dresden. Im Anschluss war sie Chief Science Officer in zwei Startups im Bereich der Molekulargenetik bzw. Medizintechnik.

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