Starting up in life sciences with LifeTechLab

With the start-up incubation program LifeTechLab by dresden|exists, scientists and students get the opportunity to turn their life-science discovery or business idea into a solid business model.

In addition to general challenges that every start-up faces such as limited resources and many decisions, the field of life sciences requires unique market and income-cost considerations as well as a clear understanding of intellectual property (IP) rights and regulations.

Why LifeTechLab?

With LifeTechLab you will do first things first, avoid pitfalls and learn from experts, successful entrepreneurs and each other.

1. Developing a product, platform or service that customers want is key for success – LifeTechLab helps you understand the needs of your future customers.

2. Regulations, IP protection and specific income-models are complex for start-ups in life sciences – LifeTechLab offers seminars by experts to lift the fog and provide guidance.

3. Staying focused on your journey to your start-up is not easy – LifeTechLab teaches the tools from agile and lean management to help you stay on track.

4. Getting connected and sharing experiences moves your idea forward – LifeTechLab introduces you to successful founders, business people, lawyers, investors and many more.

How does LifeTechLab work?

1. Apply by March 15, 2019: Send an application to

Don't worry if your idea is too vague. Converting it into a business model is the purpose of LifeTechLab.

2. Be part of LifeTechLab: 12 weeks, 6 teams, 6 workshops and one-on-one coaching

  • April 9: kick-off evening session
  • April 16 and 17: two-day workshop with seminars, tasks and feedback to generate your business model
  • April through June: four all-day workshops on IP protection, cooperation contracts, financial planning and pitching
  • Homework and regular individual one-on-one coaching will help you apply the newly gained knowledge directly to your business idea.
  • July 2: closing event
    You will have a first business model and a pitch deck, ready for feedback from a panel of business people, life-science experts and startup founders.

Please consider: To truly benefit from the program, your participation in all parts is crucial.

What happens after LifeTechLab?

1. Advance: Apply for pre-start-up funding

The EXIST Business Start-up Grant and EXIST Transfer of Research are two funding options. Your business model from LifeTechLab is the groundwork for a successful application!

2. Be part of our network: Keep up the momentum with our post-LifeTechLab coaching and take advantage of our expertise in turning business ideas into a reality.


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Apply now!

Class 02/19 of LifeTechLab is starting April 9, 2019.
Interested? Send an application to Deadline: March 15, 2019
Program at a glance [PDF]

What do former participants say?

„LifeTechLab offered a perfect and concise crash course with plenty of hands-on experience to answer the question: What do I need to know and do to kick-start my own life science spin-off.
Highly recommended!"

Prof. Thorsten Mascher, WeSCREENit
participant of class 01/18  

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