Starting-up in life sciences with the LifeTechLab

With the startup incubation program LifeTechLab organised by dresden|exists scientists and students from the TU Dresden and other academic institutions will have the opportunity to turn their life science business idea into a solid business model.  
Starting-up in Life sciences means acting in a specific setting – the markets and its characteristics, regulations, IP protection, income-cost considerations – be realistic about it! LifeTechLab supports you with that.

LifeTechLab makes the difference

1. User-centred product development is key for success – LifeTechLab helps you to gain user insights

2. Regulations, IP protection and specific income-models limit business opportunities in life sciences - LifeTechLab will bring you in touch with experts and approved solutions

3. To stay focused on your way to startup isn’t easy – with tools from agile and lean man-agement LifeTechLab helps you to keep track

Why LifeTechLab?

Starting-up means many decisions in a short time frame. You have to get to know your potential customers and their problems to be solved as good as possible. Your resources are limited and you have to deal with a lot of topics. The LifeTechLab will help you to do the right things first, avoid faults and learn from experienced people.

How does the LifeTechLab work?

1. Apply: Send application, pitch your idea and get choosen for the Lab
2. Be part of the Lab: 12 weeks, 6 teams, 6 workshops, regular one-to-one coaching
Up to six teams work over 12 weeks in an agile setting on a value proposition, the business model, marketing- and sales-concepts and financial planning. You will get expert input in workshops, work intensively on specific challenges for your topic and get a regular one-to-one coaching by startup-experts. At the end you will have a first business model and a pitch-deck for further financing steps.
Starting-up with the EXIST-funding? EXIST Business Startup Grant and EXIST Transfer of Research are two funding options prior to founding the company. LifeTechLab gets you and your idea ready for application!
3. Be part of our network: Keep the pace with our post-lab coaching and benefit from our expertise in putting business models into practice, financing options, transfer of IP, co-operation.

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