UX/UI – Frontend-Deve­lo­pment (m/w/d)

We are a modern, cloud based sensor tele­metry startup based in Dresden, Germany. We provide inte­grated solu­tions to help our cus­tomers get insights into the state and per­for­mance of their assets, from per­sonal items like your car to the infra­structure that sup­ports entire cities.

By offering both the hardware as well as the software to our clients we can offer them a simple yet powerful plug-&-play solution to bring them into the infor­mation age.

Your Tasks

  • Coor­dinate with product owners and help con­cep­tualise new fea­tures that tackle cus­tomer problems.
  • You use cloud based design appli­ca­tions to quickly sketch out and mockup func­tion­ality in col­la­bo­ration with project owners and clients.
  • Design, build and ship beau­tiful, per­formant single page web appli­ca­tions that leverage our APIs to provide our cus­tomers a cohesive, 21st century experience
  • Gather feedback through internal usa­bility testing and client input to improve the usa­bility of your application

Your Skills

  • Design UIs with cloud based tools like Figma
  •  Expe­rience building client-side ren­dered SPAs (pre­ferably React.js) with Type­script, powered by REST APIs.
  • Expe­rience with charting libraries such as ECharts or Plotly.js and mapping libraries like Leaflet.js
  • General authen­ti­cation know­ledge such as inte­grating oAuth flows.
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