Full Stack Software Deve­loper (m/f/d)

Espe­cially since the out­break of Covid, digital and remote sports acti­vities are highly popular. Ho- wever, one fun­da­mental element is missing: The haptic gui­dance of a trainer or the­rapist. Not only in fitness, but also in phy­sio­therapy, this haptic feedback is essential for the correct exe­cution andes­sential for a sus­tainable healing of patients.

veiio fills this gap with intel­ligent clothing that uses vibrot­actile feedback to guide patients perfor- ming phy­sio­therapy exer­cises at home. Our aim is not only to increase the success of therapy (espe- cially of back pain), but also to make it acces­sible to patients at any location.

Your mission

  • You will work on the deve­lo­pment of new fea­tures both on frontend and backend
  • Create a software archi­tecture for our motion tracking system with haptic feedback
  • Read and process the sensor data (IMU based) from our smart clothing
  • Com­mu­nicate with and build upon our embedded actuator API
  • Supervise and guide the Front-End development

Your profile

  • Degree in Com­puter Science or equi­valent qualification
  • Hands-on expe­rience with motion cap­turing is a big plus
  • Good know­ledge with object-ori­ented C++ Applications
  • Expe­rience with embedded software development
  • You can build quick pro­to­types, but also pro­duction-ready code
  • You are fond of agile software deve­lo­pment and tools (Git, Scrum, Jira).
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English, German is a plus
  • Friends say about you: You are a team player, open, com­mu­ni­cative, pas­sionate and ambitious.
  • Col­leagues say about you: You love chal­lenges, solve pro­blems, work self-initiated and reliably.

Why veiio?

We support people!

Work on an inno­vative product that sup­ports humans in their everyday life and adds value to society! Become a crucial part of some­thing new, big and exciting where you can truly make an impact!

Shape your own work place!

We are still a small team where you can actively create your own company. Work with us in a value-driven and open envi­ronment where ever­ything may not be perfect, but we‘re working on it! Your feedback is required while you receive feedback and appre­ciation for your work!

Further add ons!

If the fit is right, you might be a future co-founder of veiio!

About us

The com­panys’ mission is to empower people to lead an active and healthy life. Our vision is to offer the easiest-to-use phy­sio­therapy app­li­cation by including phy­sio­the­ra­pists within its eco­system. We already col­la­borate with leading sci­en­tists and phy­sio­the­ra­pists for back injuries at Carl-Gustav-Carus Universitätsklinikum as well as top high-tech spe­cia­lists from the Cluster of Excel­lence CeTI as well as the 6G-life hub.

That sounds exciting? Apply for this position here: info@veiio.de

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