Numcamp develops a Software as a Service to support pro­ducing com­panies to save energy and CO2. The key to a carbon-neutral economy lies in col­la­bo­ration. The­refore Numcamp is rese­ar­ching how AI can foster col­la­bo­ration within com­panies to make energy and CO2 saving a common purpose. Numcamp put into center extensive research and close co-creation with cus­tomers, partners and experts to con­tinue deve­loping an out­standing, human cen­tered product. Numcamp accom­plished a solid proof of concept with a MVP on the market and paying cus­tomers. The next step is to attract great investors, scale the team and the business.

Your role

In this position, your key respon­si­bi­lities are:

  • Be creative, thinks outside the box, don’t be afraid of failure
  • Lead mar­keting cam­paigns and be active on social media
  • Scale the cus­tomer base with great sales ideas
  • Develop a lean back office
  • Test and iterate hands on the product market fit with solid KPIs
  • Keep the finance plan up to date
  • Grow a diverse, respectful team culture with a hands-on mentality

In close col­la­bo­ration with your Co-Founder you will:

  • Raise funding from value driven Investors
  • Work out the basis for further growth
  • Build and lead a sound, scalable, sus­tainable orga­niz­ation and drive business development
    and investment needs

You attract, retain, and develop a world-class team as well as a strong culture, by setting the tone and being a role model

You are willing to become one of the faces of the company to the outside world, build a strong pre­sence in the market and gain the support of the investor community

Your offer

  • You are driven by creating a sus­tainable world
  • You have a lean founder mindset: Hands-on, driven and resilient
  • You are not afraid to take ownership, respon­si­bility and prio­ritize your task
  • You are fully aware that being a co-founder comes with a strong upside but none of the eco­nomic security of a cor­porate career
  • You are strong in com­mu­ni­cation, hard working and driven by the needs of the company

Numcamp offers

  • Co-founding position in a sus­tainable value driven Start-up
  • Creative envi­ronment to think outside the box
  • Clean cap-table and the­refore a good stake in the company
  • The oppor­tunity to create the company you want to live in
  • An envi­ronment where value comes first, which is part of Num­camps DNA
  • Pas­sionate and expe­ri­enced Co-founder who can’t wait to onboard you, start the first investment
    round and scale Numcamp together

You want to be part of Num­camps journey becoming the number one SaaS for energy and CO2 saving?

Let’s scale Numcamp together!

You want to apply?

Just send your CV and a statement of moti­vation in german or english to:

Learn more about Numcamp: en: de:

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