Che­mo­metrics and Data Sci­entist (F/M/D)

As che­mo­metrics and the cor­re­sponding data base are key issues for SENORICS’ tech­nology, we are hiring a highly expe­ri­enced che­mo­metrician and data sci­entist. You get the oppor­tunity to work in a highly moti­vated and expe­ri­enced start-up team.

Objec­tives and Tasks

  • Estab­li­shing linear and non-linear algo­rithms for che­mo­metric modeling and data processing
  • Con­ception and deve­lo­pment of a NIR-cali­bration database
  • Per­forming data ana­lysis, spe­ci­fi­cally data clean-up, data pro­cessing, pre­dictive modeling, che­mo­metric sta­tis­tical modeling and mul­ti­va­riate data analysis
  • Estab­li­shing machine learning and arti­ficial intel­li­gence models
  • Planning and per­forming expe­ri­ments for cus­tomers and internal use, design of expe­ri­ments (DoE)

Your Profile

  • Degree in natural sci­ences (diploma / master in physics, che­mistry or mathe­matics), pre­ferably PhD
  • 5+ years expe­rience with che­mo­metrics, data handling and pro­cessing and imple­menting of ana­ly­tical methods and algorithms
  • Pro­fi­ciency in per­forming mul­ti­va­riate data ana­lytics, spe­ci­fi­cally che­mo­metrics, pre­dictive ana­lytics, machine learning and / or data mining, as it is related to che­mical, bio­lo­gical, bio­che­mical or other sci­en­tific data, espe­cially in spectroscopy
  • Software pro­gramming / scripting pro­fi­ciency in R, Python, Java
  • Team player, able to work inde­pendently and to interact effec­tively, ability to lead a small group
  • Fluent English, pro­fi­ciency with MS-Office

What we offer

Exciting insights into our tech­nology, flat hier­ar­chies, self-reliant work with fle­xible working hours and mobile working, steep learning curves as well as fun and start-up atmosphere.
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