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We do

3D printing has become an inva­luable tech­nology for modern indus­trial fab­ri­cation pro­cesses. Ultra high-reso­lution 3D printing based on multi-photon absorption is advancing to be the working horse for the next generation micro-optical, micro-opto-elec­tro­nical, and micro-mecha­nical devices. For optics, the tech­nology can realize true free-form 3D design in unpre­ce­dented minia­tu­riz­ation and pre­cision. Hete­romerge advances this tech­nology with novel hardware to enable better and faster material pro­cessing, rea­lizing large-area (wafer-scale) mass-pro­duction of micro-com­ponents and better-per­forming optics.

We want

We are looking for an expe­ri­enced business eco­nomist as support and potential member of the core founding team. Hete­romerge will be funded from spring 2021 with an Exist Transfer of Research funding of the German Federal Ministry of Eco­nomic Affairs and Energy to develop an inno­vative product based on an existing pro­totype. We expect the new team member to take full respon­si­bility on the eco­nomic part including bud­geting, financial con­trolling, help deve­loping the business model, as well as working with the team on the advanced business plan for further capital acquisition.

We expect

  • Highly moti­vated, driven and focused personality
  • Com­for­table acting in an inter­na­tional team
  • Expe­rience or know­ledge in the field of optics, laser, equipment manu­fac­turing, semi­con­ductor industry
  • Full budget respon­si­bility, deve­lo­pment, control, and reporting
  • Support and later lead business deve­lo­pment and business planning
  • Fle­xi­bility in national / inter­na­tional tra­velling and com­mu­ni­cation with partners
  • Wil­lingness to handle company com­mu­ni­cation in English

Please, contact us for more infor­mation:

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