Backend – Deve­loper – Internship at Char­ge­Ho­rizons – remote – unpaid

What we do:
Char­ge­Holidays enables sus­tainable travel in a con­ve­nient way by bringing light into the label jungle of sus­tainable mea­su­re­ments including fea­tures like CO2-com­pen­sation, payment with Social Cashback and matching with desti­na­tions tra­velers have not thought about before. Our Social Start-Up was founded in 2021 so we offer an agile envi­ronment with people working because they believe in the idea and are engaged with their hearts. We are open to inno­vation and offer you a huge amount of know­ledge transfer and insights into Start-Up building and Start-Up culture.

Do you want a play­ground on which you can enlarge your pro­gramming and backend-end deve­lo­pment skills?
Tog­ether with us, you can combine your interest in the field of sus­taina­bility and Com­puter Science. Above that, it is useful but not necessary if you have already worked for backend project and know at least one coding lan­guage well, pre­ferably go.

What you may choose to do at ChargeHorizons:

  • explore the hos­pi­tality IT landscape
  • develop inte­gration between our frontend, backend, and third-party APIs
  • help us develop our booking platform

Skills and expe­rience you will bring:

  • passion for tech
  • expe­rience with Git
  • expe­rience in Com­puter Science
  • expe­rience in Pro­gramming (we’re using go with firebase as the database)

What we offer:

  • being part of a startup with hands-on exposure from day one
  • a vibrant and inter­na­tio­nally growing team
  • indi­vidual career development

If this sounds exciting to you, apply directly at

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