LifeTechLab | Kick-off

Are you a life sci­entist? Do you ever think about com­mer­cia­lizing your research, e. g. as a new dia­gnostic tool, a screening service or health app? Then join the next round of LifeTechLab – our incu­bation program for business ideas. Within four months your idea will gra­dually evolve into a solid business model. Experts from dresden|exists, industry, law firms and others will teach the necessary know-how and tools in work­shops and indi­vidual coa­ching sessions.

Work­shops and coa­chings are held in a digital format, but live, so there is still plenty of oppor­tunity to interact and learn from each other. The program starts on Oktober 12, 2021.

Inte­rested? Check out our startup incu­bation program and apply by Sep­tember 30, 2021.

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Send an appli­cation to Please use the appli­cation form [PDF]. The appli­cation deadline is on Sep­tember 30, 2021.


Dr. Iris Steinebrunner
TU Dresden +49 351 463 39202

Iris stu­dierte Bio­logie und pro­mo­vierte im Fach Genetik. Nach For­schungs­ar­beiten in den USA leitete sie eine Arbeits­gruppe in der Mole­ku­laren Bio­tech­no­logie an der TU Dresden. Im Anschluss war sie Chief Science Officer in zwei Startups im Bereich der Mole­ku­lar­ge­netik bzw. Medizintechnik.

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